Product Shelf Life

Most of our products have a "best by" date on the container.

Beverages, Seafood Grilling Sauce, and Spicy Cocktail Sauce have a "best by" stamped on the side of the container. After this date, the products are still safe for consumption; however, peak flavor may have declined.

Snacks and nuts have a "best by" stamped on the bottom of the tin. Quality is best before this date; several months afterward the product may have a stale flavor.

All Shore Seasonings have a code tag on the packet or jar. The digits indicate the 'best by" date.  After this date, they are safe for consumption, but best flavor may have peaked.

Dip Kits are coded with a small tag that indicates the "best by" date. 

For soups and clams, please call for decoding assistance.

We guarantee your satisfaction with product within best by date. Please contact us for an exchange of product should there be an issue.

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